Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need approval to make changes to my house or property?

Yes. Any significant changes to the outside appearance of a house or property must have prior approval from the Architectural Review Board. Significant changes include, but are not limited to: changing an outside color on the house, fencing exemption request, any exterior remodeling, driveway additions, boat docks or major landscaping. Please reference the Guidelines and Requirements and submit a Proposed Property Improvements Form two weeks prior to your changes for approval. The purpose of these requirements are to preserve the aesthetic qualities and ecological integrity of Hillindale Commons, and thereby help preserve the property value. The members of the ARB are pleasant and reasonable people who will work with you to accomplish your objectives, while respecting the Hillindale Guidelines.

2. How do I rent the Clubhouse for an event?

Please contact Daryl Kurtz at 812-212-0032 or to reserve the Clubhouse (301 Pin Oak Drive) for an event, and to find out current rates. The swimming pool and other recreational areas are not included when the clubhouse is reserved. The clubhouse is unavailable to rent on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. See Clubhouse Rental Guidelines.

3. When are the Homeowner’s Association meetings held?

General Meetings for the Hillindale Homeowner’s Association are generally held in April. Elections are also held at the April meeting to elect the Board of Directors’ members for the following year. Questions or concerns can be addressed by contacting a Board Member or attending the open forum session at the beginning of each monthly Board of Directors’ meeting.

4. When are the Homeowner’s Association fees due?

The Homeowner’s Association fees cover the fiscal year December 1st though November 30th. Invoices for the upcoming fiscal year period are mailed in early December and are generally due by the end of January.

5. What are the requirements for a parking permit at the Marina?

All boats and boat trailers parked or stored at the Marina must display a Hillindale Homeowner’s Association, Inc. parking permit available through the Board of Directors by submitting a Marina Parking Permit Application to Daryl Kurtz at In order to obtain a permit, you must have a current year registration. The yearly fee for the permit is $100. Boats and boat trailers must be well maintained, in good condition, in proper working order, and boats must be properly stored (including snugly tarped) in a manner in keeping with the aesthetics of the community.

6. When is the pool open?

The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, from 9 am to 9 pm. Children under the age of nine (9) will not be permitted in the pool unless accompanied by an adult. The pool is open to Hillindale residents and their guests. See Pool Rules for a complete listing.

7. How do I find all the Homeowner’s info when I move into Hillindale Commons?

Almost all the information can now be found on our website. All By-laws & Regulations are on the Rules & Forms page of this website. Please sign up for our email list! This is the best way to hear about neighborhood activities. Most of our communication is via email. Go to the main page of the site and the sign up is in the bottom left corner. Also, we have a Welcoming Committee that will reach out to you and we encourage you to complete the New Owner Form that is on the website. If you have moved into Hillindale in the last 6 months, please contact the Board of Directors at to make sure we have your correct contact information.

8. When are trash and recyclables picked up?

Trash and recyclables are picked up by the city on Fridays year-round. Please place trash and recyclables on the curb by 6:00 am on collection days.

9. When is the Community Garage sale?

A Community Garage sale is usually held each Spring. The Homeowner’s Assocation sponsors the event by publicizing the dates and times thru the newspaper, posting online and placing signs at each entrance. Residents are notified of the dates by email preceding the event so they can plan for the sale.