Update on Homeowners Special Meeting

Updated on October 26, 2016

A special Hillindale Commons Homeowner’s meeting was conducted on Tuesday evening, October 25th, for the sole purpose to learn about and discuss WM Development, LLC’s new residential development proposal for inclusion into the Hillindale Commons Homeowner’s Association and community.

The meeting was conducted at the Hillindale Commons Clubhouse where homeowner’s attendance packed the house and it was standing room only.  Jolene Rockwood, President of the Hillindale Commons Homeowner’s Association called the meeting to order and introduced Mark Werner, Managing Owner of WM Development, LLC.  Mark covered every aspect of the residential development initiative as well as the three commercial lots that will parallel State Road 129.  Homeowners asked several insightful questions  which resulted in a productive, meaningful, and engaging discussion.

The most valuable discussion surrounded Mr. Werner’s commitment to exceed existing Hillindale Commons, City of Batesville, and State of Indiana construction standards, as validated by his company’s engineering designs and the City’s stringent construction inspections.

Mayor Mike Bettice and previous Mayor Gene Lambert were both in attendance and answered questions associated with the need and demand for increased residential housing.

The duration of the meeting was two hours.  Once Mr. Werner completed his presentation and all questions were answered Jolene Rockwood recognized the Board, Committee members, and Lynn Fledderman, Legal Counsel for Hillindale Commons, for their contributions.  Homeowner’s applauded HCHA Vice President John Dickey for his excellent work as liaison between WM Development, LLC, Mark Werner, and for representing and protecting the homeowner’s interests associated with this initiative. Subsequently, in a closed session President Rockwood called for homeowners to cast their vote.

The result of the vote to “Include WM Development, LLC’s” new residential development into the Hillindale Commons Homeowners association was almost unanimous. Of the 174 current property owners, eighty-six (86) property owners casted a vote yes, eighty-six (86) property owners deferred their vote to the Board of Directors, recommending “Inclusion”, and there were two (2) no votes.

Finally, as the Board of Directors continues to work closely with WM Development, LLC, and Mark Werner to help ensure the new development is a success, your Board will provide frequent progress updates for you and your family.  Should you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Board of Directors (located on the Hillindale Commons directory) and we will promptly respond to address your inquiry.

Thank you for your commitment to creating and maintaining a “best in class” community.


Jolene Rockwood, the Hillindale Commons Board of Directors & Committee Members